“The best way to improve the team, is to improve yourself”
“We are all created equal – some just work harder in preseason”
“The best athlete is made during the off-season”

The motivation is there, the message is on point, and with the best of intentions, the squad launched into preseason before January even had a chance to get going. All I can remember of the first 5 weeks of training is feeling like my legs were permanently hungover. And I know a good hangover. Hopefully the sprints sessions would set me up well to maximise ball delivery as I dart confidently along the white lines in 2017.

Moving on from pounding the pavement, the turf training acted in a similar fashion to an unattended plate of donuts in the office kitchen… less sweet, but attracting a crowd from nowhere nonetheless. We had plenty of new faces in the team as the warriors threw themselves (some head first), into the Lions den for our first preseason scratchy.

The first 10 minutes of play was a classic display of cat and mouse as the two teams sized one another up. A conceded goal was quickly answered by the warriors with a fast and furious attack down the line, sending the ball to the baseline where Suze was able to set up a hungry T-Swift to nail the deflection. The levelling of scores lead to a break in intensity. Seizing the moment to do a switch up of players, the bench was activated. We were under the pump, but the girls made some great plays. A defensive PC lead to a clash of the titans, with Gumby showing her ability to stop Tarryn in her tracks. This came at a cost. Fortunately for Gumby, her modelling career wouldn’t be limited to claymation.. An immediate cheek filler and perfect dark contouring across her jaw line, little did Tarryn realise the favour she’d done for our favourite butt double.

A few injuries in, with muscle, joint and brain soreness, and a squeal enough to have shattered bones, there was some concern as to whether the bodies would hold up to see out 3 pieces of play. Gibbo was good enough to acknowledge that our best runner was sidelined for the remainder of the game, which was affecting the legs of the team. Alex was also taking a break…

Down to only two rotating players off the bench, it was going to be a tough ask to finish out the game. The girls killed it, with some seriously promising signs and creating plenty of opportunities up front. For a first hit out, with a new group and plenty of players filling gaps out of their regular positions, the positive takeaways were still evident. It was refreshing to see everyone come off the pitch exhausted, but smiling.

Gold coin donations are currently being accepted as membership to the BBQ team at training. Stick a fork in me Jerry, cos I am DONE.

*Fines –
Meg, for failing at English. “Bring your clean & smelling like roses uniform to training” – this does not imply that washing the uniforms is optional!


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